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Hello, have any questions regarding Baimless? or even need help ?, I will teach you methods to contact us !.


you can go to the "support" tab at the top of the site and open a ticket directly here, in the forum !.




 you choose the department for the ticket, title and text below. (note: you can attach files if necessary)


use the forum chatbox to answer your question.

to access it just go to the homepage of the forum, which is: https://baimless.xyz/forums/


enter our discord and open a ticket!


"I have no idea how to do this"

I'll show you how it works!


First go to the "support-ticket" chat, after that you will see our bot's message after that just click on the first reaction of the message that a ticket will open automatically, it will be a separate chat and only you and our staff team!


and of course, you can use the forum to do topics!


however always respecting the subject of each topic, otherwise your post will be deleted and depending on the content you can even be warned and if it persists or if you break the rules, a ban can occur.



to hit the head, keep using baimless 💜

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Muito explicativo.

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padrão haha, obrigado! 

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