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Baimless Beta

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Today, through this message, I explain how our BETA system will work. Baimless in 2016-2018 left the purchase of BAIMLESS BETA released with a "LIFETIME" subscription to all users who bought in that period, as the cheat is no longer in BETA form, the function was discontinued.

Baimless Beta 2020 - What will it be?

- Baimless Beta in 2020 will be a portion of old and trusted users who will have access to exclusive cheat benefits before all other users. In addition to receiving an exclusive tag on Discord and the Forum, it will also have on its WATERMARK the logo "BETA" to demonstrate that the user is BETA USER.


- Access to early updates
- Featured on the forum and Discord
- Direct contact with Staff
- Suggestions from betas users will be more valued
- Exclusive discounts on our future products
- 45% discount on subscriptions on our website.
- The beta may invite a friend to become a beta after 3 months with the beta position.

Important notices:
- Betas will no longer have lifetime access to any product (Consequently, a person must purchase our subscription to be a BETA)
- Betas users will be more valued, but are able to lose their tag
- If the beta user does not renew his subscription for 1 month he will lose access
- A beta user will receive only one invitation every 3 months
- If the guest is banned you will no longer be able to invite anyone
- Betas will have 45% discount on subscriptions
- Lifetime Betas users will be moved to Annual Premium User and the beta tag can only be added again when the user purchases the subscription again

Rules for betas:
- The sale of invitations is prohibited
- The disclosure of any function that is not published to ordinary users is prohibited
- It is forbidden to mock any other user
- It is forbidden to try to force the program to reverse engineer
(These are the main rules that are subject to change without notice.)

If there is any doubt in relation to BETA, I recommend that you contact a Senior Staff for a conversation.

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